Harry is an avid collector and dedicated accumulator.  He is always searching for puzzles to add to his collection, which currently contains thousands of examples.  Harry is also looking for Trading Stamp Catalogs.  "Harry's Want Lists" can be found below.  Please e-mail Harry with any quotes.

Trading [Merchant] Stamp Redemption Catalogs

Over 300 trading [merchant] stamp redemption businesses operated between 1940 and 1980.  Big M Gift Stamps, Blue Chip Stamps, Buccaneer Stamps, Bonus Stamps, Discount Stamp Company, Double"M" Stamps, Frontier Stamps, Gift Bonds, Gift House Stamps, Merchant Green Trading Stamps, Quality Stamps, Big "W" Stamps, World Green Stamps, and Yellow Trading Stamps are just a few examples.

Please quote redemption catalogs from these and other companies not on the list. (No quotes on Saver Books, i.e., books filled with trading [merchant] stamps.)  I am seeking complete copies in very good or better condition of the following trading stamps redemption catalogs:

Blue Chip Stamps, Los Angeles, CA

1957 1959 1961 1965 1967
1958 1960 1963 1966 1968

Gold Bond Stamp Company, Minneapolis, MN

Any 1950s catalogs 1967 1974
1963 1968 1975
1964 1970 1976
1965 1971 1977
1966 1972 1979 and later

Plaid Stamps (E.F. MacDonald Stamp Co.), Dayton, OH

Any 1950s catalogs 1968 1973
1962 1971 1975
1963 1972 1977 and later

S&H Green Stamps (Sperry and Hutchinson Co.), Cincinnati, OH

Any 1940s catalogs 1974 1978 and later
1954 1976

Top Value Enterprises, Dayton, OH

1957 1963 1977 and later
1961 1971


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