By Harry L. Rinker, The Collector Inspector

That treasured Beatles lunchbox from grade school that was carefully packed and accounted for in every move--it's got to be worth something, right? What about that "interesting" lamp that's been in the family for ages? Or that Saturday Night Fever waste basket in the basement? Is it worth something? How much? Who wants it?

One man can help collectors and prospective collectors alike--The Collector Inspector himself, Harry L. Rinker. In HOW TO THINK LIKE A COLLECTOR ($14.95, June, Emmis Books), Harry Rinker demystifies the competitive and often confusing world of collectibles with his trademark opinionated wit, encyclopedic knowledge and over forty years of collecting and assessing experience.

Price guides? Who needs price guides when you have Harry Rinker? By teaching collectors how to recognize what will become collectible, how to judge an item's value while learning to get the best price when selling and more, HOW TO THINK LIKE A COLLECTOR frees collectors from relying on price guides that outdate quickly. With Harry's help and guidance, what to collect next,what to keep and what to let go of becomes second nature.

In HOW TO THINK LIKE A COLLECTOR, Harry answers the important questions like:

  • Is it antique, collectible or junk?
  • What is the right price?
  • How many are too many?
  • Are collectibles your mistress?
  • And so much more
Harry L. Rinker hosts Collector Inspector on Home & Garden Television (HGTV) and can be seen on Discovery Channel's Pop Nation: America's Coolest Stuff. He is the author of numerous books on antiques and collectibles, including The Official Guide to Flea Market Prices as well as more than two dozen Warman's price guides. He is also the host of Whatcha Got?, a radio show heard in several markets and on the internet. Harry lives in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

by Harry L Rinker, The Collector Inspector
Emmis Books ~ June 2005 ~ $14.95
Trade original ~ 256 pages ~ ISBN 1-57860-202-5

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